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Young Living essential oils offers health and vitality to boost your efficiency, control of your life, and more time to have fun with your family & friends!

Getting through the everyday stresses of life is what lead me to aromatherapy. As a professional oil painter it can be quite a challenge to rush around, deal with everyone's needs before your own, calm teenager's down and then step into the studio and expect to be in the right "place" to create fabulous work! All I have to do now is punch a little button on my diffuser and within minutes I feel myself relaxing and my creative self emerging as I plan my next masterpiece. It's truly a fabulous experience!

I now help others by introducing them into the fabulous world of aromatherapy as an easy step towards relieving everyday stress, enhancing their sleep, mood and spirit. If you have never experienced the immediate results, let me introduce them to you!

In a world of toxic chemicals it's no wonder why we are experiencing so many health issues. Like most people, I thought "going green" meant "not working", until I found Young Living essential oil infused natural plant-based products. Immediately, I enjoyed cleaning without getting headaches from the toxic chemicals, and found them to work much better, anyway! The aroma of Thieves All-purpose Cleaner lifts my mood as I clean! Imagine that!

I invite you into the one-stop shopping world of Young Living where you will find amazing therapeutic grade essential oil infused non-toxic products that you will feel great using on yourself, your family & your pets! 

Being able to help others add a module of financial freedom to their lives is one of the most rewarding things in my life. I have a phenomenal simple system that helps you share these amazing products and build a residual income...ask to be included in our business building email list for more information.

Check out my website - see the products, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

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